Walk with a MiracleFeet Employee: Andrew’s Trip to Asia

I joined the Programs team at MiracleFeet in June 2016. In this role, I assist program managers across several regions with operations and logistics in order to support the development and implementation of MiracleFeet programs. I feel lucky to be able to represent MiracleFeet in the field and serve as a main contact for our partner organizations and clinics. It is amazing to visit and witness our supported clinics first-hand. For me, it puts the work MiracleFeet does into perspective.

In March, I traveled to the Philippines, Nepal, and India. This was my first time visiting our partners there – Philippian Band of Mercy, The Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC), and CURE India. It was also the first time meeting our Southeast Asia Program Managers Ryan and India Program Manager, Rijo, in person. I was welcomed with open arms and delicious meals!

In the Philippines, I was able to work with Ryan and a group of Duke business students on creating a more efficient way of getting the MiracleFeet brace to the Philippines and expand that system across the organization. Together we were able to create a predictive ordering model for our partners in the field, develop an inventory management system, and conduct a detailed review of our supply chain. It was a very useful exercise and the end result was a truly innovative suite of tools that will help supply the MiracleFeet brace across the globe to those in need.  

Ryan, Andrew, and Duke Students

In Nepal, I was blown away by the hardworking staff who run the clinics 7 days a week. During my time there I witnessed the HRDC staff treating patients and never complaining or taking a seat from 8am to 4pm every day. One mother’s story stand out to me in particular. I met her briefly in Banepa, Nepal. She was there with her husband, standing above their 2 month old daughter receiving her third cast in treatment. It was explained to me by the clinic supervisor that the mother herself was treated for clubfoot at the same clinic two decades prior. He explained that when her daughter was born with clubfoot she did not panic and knew exactly where to go for quality treatment.  

Although my time in India was short (27 total hours!), it was incredibly useful to spend time with our Program Manager Rijo. India is by far the biggest program MiracleFeet supports reaching close to 500 new patients a month. However, Rijo and the CURE India team continue to move the program forward by always pushing to improve and expand services. Their ambition to reach as many children as possible with high quality treatment was extremely motivating to me.  

During this trip, I truly saw the best of MiracleFeet – a hardworking, innovative, and ambitious team driven by quality care!