Helping Mothers of Children with Clubfoot with SMS Technology

In collaboration with the Stanford and partners in Nicaragua, MiracleFeet developed a tailored SMS system that encouraging clubfoot mothers during treatment with educational and supportive messages. This program is active in Nicaragua through Telerivet and in Mumbai, India, through MedicMobile. We have plans to expand the program in India and Paraguay.

The program will not only provide support to mothers, but reduce relapse for children undergoing treatment. A child with clubfoot in a low income country can often mean dramatic sacrifices for mothers. This may include a lack of  economic attainment, because they’re caring for their child. By encouraging mothers to bring their child in to treatment, they expand their child’s ability for independence, and thus their own opportunity within the community. Through strong support groups, women are more likely to engage in advocacy and partnerships to benefit their own health and the well being of their children. By eliminating the disability caused by clubfoot, there are increased opportunities for women and children to participate economically and socially within their society without stigma or burden.

Our SMS system is innovative and has proven results. A quantitative survey with mothers in Nicaragua demonstrated that:

· 100% of mothers felt that the SMS support system helped them to continue with clubfoot treatment.

· 64% decided to follow-up on a missed appointment after receiving a reminder message from the SMS system.

· 95% felt that the system provided them with emotional support during treatment

· A 17% reduction in dropouts could be correlated to implementation of the SMS support system

You can help continue our efforts to support mothers and families of children with clubfoot by making a donation today. We can eradicate untreated clubfoot around the world!